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How to Mend Your Heart

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Have you and your true love split? It’s time to learn how to mend a broken heart through self-love and compassion for yourself. Regardless of why you and your love have ended your journey, it hurts. We all experience a similar set of rollercoaster emotions after a split. It’s tempting to let these feelings take over as you drown yourself in sadness and grief. 

However, don’t let heartbreak cloud your future.  It takes courage to wipe your tears and learn to love yourself again.  We’ve rounded up some practical tips to mend a broken heart and move on with your life. 

Here are some ideas to help you get through this emotional time:

1. Reflect and React to the Split 

There’s no hard and fast rule about how long it takes to mend your heart. Acknowledge those emotions and don’t be afraid to have a good cry if you’re feeling down. Use a journal to pen your thoughts. Look at both the good and bad aspects of the relationship. 

Nevertheless, try not to let those emotions consume you. Set aside a time to vent each day. Also, never equate the healing process with the time you spent with your partner.  Even recent relationships can cause a great deal of heartbreak post-split. These emotions intensify if you’ve been married and have kids.

Know that things do turn around and will get better. All you’ve got to do is have confidence. When you do, you have an easier time reflecting during the stages of grief after parting with your ex. 

2. Focus on Yourself 

Your self-worth and confidence might shatter after a split. Give yourself time to pick up those pieces to feel whole again. Practicing self-love is a surefire way to find your bearings. 

It can be challenging for people coming out of a long-term partnership. You probably spent a significant time building your relationship. There’s a chance you forgot how to spend quality me-time. Fill your spare time with hobbies and activities you enjoy.  Also, remember to balance these fun pursuits with health and wellness tips.

Here are some tips to mend your broken heart and love yourself:

  • Get plenty of sleep to ensure you don’t feel drained throughout the day
  • Eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet to help boost your energy 
  • Exercise to regain physical stamina and uplift your mood 
  • Take longer showers and draw bubble baths to relax after a busy day 
  • Pick up a book you always wanted to read 
  • Learn a new skill or hobby to keep yourself occupied 
  • Sign up for that dance/cooking/yoga class you always wanted to take but didn’t

In short, start living for yourself; so you can lead a happy, healthy, and positive life. 

3. Ask for Help When Things Get Overwhelming 

There’s no harm in asking for help when you’re struggling in life after the split. Surround yourself with people you trust and who you can confide in after uncoupling. Having a shoulder to cry on can be comforting on days when the heartbreak seems intolerable.

Additionally, talking things out with friends, family, and therapists will help you gain a fresh perspective on the situation.  Your support group also lightens the load of being single and gives you a chance to celebrate life. 

Here are a few possibilities to make those meaningful connections:

  • Reconnect with old friends over lunch
  • Ask family and friends to pitch in if you are relocating or need help with the kids
  • Schedule game nights and movie nights to keep yourself busy during those lonely weekends
  • Seek professional consultation through therapy to improve your mental wellbeing. Your employment benefits might cover the cost through an EAP (Employment Assistance Program). 
  • Join a support group for divorcees/singles to meet people experiencing similar heartbreak 

Lastly, support can come through different avenues, depending on what (or rather) who you’re comfortable with during this time. 

Wrapping Up!

In the end, getting over a relationship can be tricky. All our tips to mend a broken heart focus on self-care and emotional wellbeing.  Prepare to feel gloomy or even frustrated after you split but don’t let those thoughts take control.

Life after uncoupling can be fulfilling. It all depends on how you spend your newfound singlehood.  Returning to hobbies, reconnecting with friends, and exploring new interests are positive ways to spend your spare time. In turn, this leads to personal development and growth. Once you reach this point, you’ll have an easier time patching your heart and moving forward to the next chapter of your life.

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