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Life After Divorce or a Split: How to Create a Fresh Start?

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Life after a divorce or a split can be challenging, overwhelming, and frustrating. Letting go of a loved one can never be easy. Yet, many couples realize that it’s better to split than settle in an unhappy relationship. While there are many different reasons for parting with your significant other, the question everyone faces after separation remains the same. 

What happens next?

We answer your question by presenting different ways to create a fresh start.  This article is all about embracing your true self and investing in your new life. Continue reading our tips and tricks to discover how to create a new life after a divorce/split. 

Spend Some Quality Me-Time 

Many people put their priorities on the back burner when they are in a committed relationship. Your life revolves around your significant other and the responsibilities of sharing a living space. The same place can feel empty and disquieting when they pack up their bags and leave.

Moreover, the struggle to keep up with a failed relationship can drastically impact your mental health. Remember, it can take time to move on but try not to let those moments define you. Instead, embrace who you are and how you’d like to restart your life.  

Fill the silence with thoughts about yourself and the life you plan to lead.

Explore new avenues by listing hobbies and activities that made you happy before you met your ex.

You might use your spare time to: 

  • Achieve personal development goals to lead a successful and happy life  
  • Continue advanced studies to boost your career or learn a new skill to satisfy your creative spirit 
  • Practice mindfulness to promote a calm and relaxed mindset 
  • Restart or take up a new sport* 

In short, pick up hobbies and projects that make the most of your untapped potential. Spending some quality one-on-one time doing things you love, can keep you occupied when you feel overwhelmed after a split. Additionally, you often learn something new along the way.  

Focus on Your Career 

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Shared spaces often mean sharing financial responsibilities.  This can change when your partner is out of the picture. Use this newfound singlehood as a springboard to upstart your career and generate new revenues. 

For example, you might:

  • Switch careers to turn your dream job into  a reality  
  • Apply for an overseas job without any strings attached 
  • Move to a new state to discover new career opportunities 
  • Become an entrepreneur by investing in your ideas and skills  

The possibilities are endless here.  It all depends on how much you are prepared to work on your professional life. If you have children you will have to balance their needs during a difficult time with your desire to create something new.

Nevertheless, the main idea here is to consider career choices that were almost unthinkable when you were in a relationship.

Make New Memories

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Whether you have known your ex for a year or spent decades with them, you will find things around the house that serve as a reminder of those blissful days. Past relationships have a way of lingering on in the form of memories. Even the happier ones have a hint of sadness and nostalgia attached to them. Consider packing them up and replacing them with new things and new memories. 

Try not to let those memories lure you down the rabbit hole of despair. Reach out to friends and family to create new memories and replace the old ones. 

You might do this by:

  • Turning designated date nights to game nights with family and friends 
  • Taking a trip with your close friends to embark on a new adventure 
  • Planning outings with your children to develop a new routine after they return to your home after a visit with the other parent
  • Volunteering for charities and non-profit programs that benefit your community (or a cause ) 

In other words, visit places and plan meetups that might not have an ex-factor involved. 

In a Nutshell 

Lastly, never perceive life after divorce or a breakup as the end. Look at this moment as a new beginning. Look forward to what lies ahead and make your decisions on your terms. That way, you can write a new chapter in your life that focuses on people, places, and practices that make you happy.

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