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Ready to Celebrate? Then Check Out These Separation Party Ideas!

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If you are happy about your divorce and ready to celebrate it, then it’s time for a divorce party.

Whether it was a long and tiring divorce battle or a simple mutual separation, you deserve a break! Divorces or splits can be exhausting regardless of the outcome. If you like that you aren’t married anymore, then you are probably looking for divorce or uncoupled party ideas, which brought you to this article.

On the flip side, if you are heartbroken and do not feel like partying at all, don’t worry, we have got you covered as well. In this list, every new singleton can find an idea to celebrate their split in an interesting way. Ready to start the next chapter of your life? Here we go!

Karaoke for the Newly Single

If you want to spend some time singing about your broken heart, then karaoke is one of the best separation party ideas for you. The same idea works for people who are happy about their union being ended and who want to celebrate the moment to the fullest.

The best thing about doing a karaoke themed party is you have unlimited song options to sing your heart out. From sad numbers to upbeat music performances, you can choose whatever you like! If you want some suggestions, then we recommend “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, “We Are Never Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift, and “So What” by Pink.

It’s an Open Bar Night!

It’s a celebration people! Of course, there will be drinks to mark the occasion! If you are happy about your separation and ready to celebrate it, then it’s time for a party.

Invite people to help you get over the previous phase of your life and create new happy memories to cherish later, that is if you remember the night at all!. You can also try your hand at being a mixologist at this party and come up with new drink ideas for your guests.

…Treating your sweet tooth is one of the best party ideas out there! 

Get Ready for a Movie Night!

One of the best divorce/ uncoupled party ideas is throwing a movie night! Just call your best friends and watch feel-good movies to start the process of forgetting about this chapter of your life.

Opt for the most cheesy and heartwarming rom-com to cry about the past, and then watch some empowering stories to encourage yourself for a better tomorrow. Some great movie ideas to get you started are: Silver Linings Playbook, Always Be My Maybe, How to be Single, and When Harry Met Sally. The rest you can pick from your rom-com collection!

Care for a Theme Party?

Divorce party ideas are unlimited when you opt for a theme party. You can have an entertainment night with empowering themes, such as The Bachelorette, Eat, Pray, Love, or Sex and the City, Vegas, Pirates or any favorite theme that works for you.

You can consider dressing up like the characters, play fun games around the theme, and have a menu that complements the movie or TV show or general theme you picked.

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Book a Special Venue

Some people like to keep it quiet after a split and only meet with people they are close with. Others prefer to throw a huge party and let everyone know they are single again!

What if you didn’t get a house in the divorce? Where can you go to party then? Well, there’s always the option to rent out a special venue like a lounge, mansion, or restaurant. You can find a place with amenities like fireplaces, a large swimming pool, a game area, etc.

Ditch the Diet, Grab the Sweet Stuff!

You don’t have to watch those calories for a few more days as you celebrate your separation. Treating your sweet tooth is one of the best party ideas out there!

Instead of spending money on gourmet food, you can prepare a dessert station with trays and plates filled with macaroons, cupcakes, mini pies, cookies, etc. If you’d rather have ice cream than these other desserts, you can have a sundae bar. Set up tubs of ice cream accompanied by candies, nuts, and sprinkles.

Some people would suggest staying sad after a split. However, know that there is no obligation to do so. It’s your life and if you are happy with the separation, celebrate it! Get ready to embrace new adventures in life as you embark on an empowering journey.

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