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Healing Music (Part 1) –Songs to Brighten Your Mood

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Music is known to strongly influence our emotions. 

Dealing with a divorce or a personal crisis can create emotions that are difficult to manage on your own. There are days where you may feel fine, and other days when you want to plant your face in a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream tub. Separation anxiety can upset your stomach and create tension throughout your body. When you feel low, anxious, upset, or sad, listening to fun music can be a great idea. Listening to music has been shown to improve mood and decrease feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and sadness. Music is known to strongly influence our emotions. Happy, funky music makes us want to dance and sing. It might be the best form of therapy on our lowest days.  Create yourself a playlist of joy! Think of all the songs that have brought you joy in the past – try to avoid those love song if you are still nursing a broken heart.  We have created a list of songs to brighten your mood the next time you are feeling down. There are even a few to help you and your kiddos.

1.      Carry On (Fun)

Released in 2012 this song starts out slow, but the passion Nate Ruess brings to the song turns this in an anthem to “Carry On!” It can touch us where we are and create hope that we can survive and be stronger.

2.      Redneck Woman (Gretchen Wilson)

This country/rocker is a super fun song. Singing to the strength of Redneck Women, and any women feeling judged or put down by others, Gretchen Wilson belts out her truth. I’m taking it for my own.  Let’s hear a big “hell yeah” for living our truth!

3.      Shake it Off (Taylor Swift)

This is a great reminder to “shake off” any outside judgements or criticism that might be coming your way. As Taylor tells us, haters are going to hate, and find reasons to criticize us. Use this song to get that judgement out of your head! Shake it off and find your joy!

4.      Dancing Queen

Ah – ABBA!!  Perfect sing along song. Because you can dance, and you can sing!!  Grab your hairdryer (microphone!), jump on your bed and get caught up in the innocent joy that is Mamma Mia.

…music has a power unlike anything else to heal us, soothe us and bring us peace.  

5.      Ode to Joy

For classical music lovers or those open to experiencing new kinds of music, Ode to Joy is a brilliant piece of music. It has uneven notes in the beginning, which pique your curiosity, and as the song progresses, it mellows to come to a great and roaring end. Ode to Joy can bring back peace, love, and hope.

6.      I Will Survive

One more song about moving on. Gloria Gaynor encourages us to take control of our life and our emotions. This is all about surviving and thriving. You have all your life to live and your love to give. You have a whole future of new possibilities ahead.

Here are some great ideas that can have you and your kids singing and dancing together:

Our last group of suggestions include old and new music to increase the fun.

Young beautiful couple smiling happy dancing at new home

Coming to terms with personal, life-changing events such as divorce or separation can be extremely heart-breaking, maddening and plain hard.  Music has a power unlike anything else to heal us, soothe us and bring us peace.   Don’t take our word for it.  Greater minds agree:

  • Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens. Maria Von Trapp
  • My heart, which is so full to overflowing, has often been solaced and refreshed by music when sick or weary. Martin Luther
  • Where words fail, music speaks. Hans Christian Anderson
  • Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife. Kahlil Gibran
  • Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. Confucius

Next time you’re feeling sad, or hurt, give music a try. There is so much music! Let us know what songs bring you joy, in the comment section. Sharing joy multiplies it!

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  • […] Healing Music (Part 1) – Songs to Brighten Your Mood focused on a list of upbeat songs that can help individuals to change their mood and find a happier space. Separation, uncoupling can bring up multiple emotions. It can open the door to feeling rejected, or other negative feelings from past experiences or traumas. The person who asked for the separation, may feel guilty. On the other hand, the person that was broken up with may feel unwanted, powerless of victimized. No one leaves a relationship without a multitude of feelings, often negative, or disempowering. […]

Written by Robin & Heather

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