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Jump into Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a wonderful opportunity to improve our environment. 

Spring brings change.  It’s a great time to choose to make changes in our lives that make us happier. Spring has more light, longer days. We get to witness the renewal of the world around us. Flowers are in bloom, trees are growing leaves and revealing the beauty that was locked inside during the winter. Spring cleaning is a wonderful opportunity to improve our environment, update our routines to support our inner beauty and enhance our happiness.

Enhance your happiness and celebrate your own renewal as you renew your home

Day to day cleaning is about removing dirt, dust, germs.  It’s maintaining our space. Spring cleaning goes beyond maintenance and invites us to not only clean but evaluate our environment. We clean at a deeper level, remove items that no longer make us glad, update or add other items that lift our mood.  We add light to our inside environment to mirror the new brightness happening outside.  We may also change our routines, spend more time outside and take advantage of the natural beauty and warmth that spring brings. Spring cleaning after or during a separation, divorce or uncoupling, can be huge boost to our happiness and help us to let go of anything that no longer brings us pleasure.

Put a Spring in your step and step up your happiness

Warmer weather supports more outdoor activities.  Walking, biking riding, hiking. Exercise has been shown to increase our feelings of well-being and bolster our moods. It increases dopamine, adrenaline, and endorphins – chemicals that reduce anxiety and are associated with happiness and confidence.

…de-cluttering can boost our mood immediately and can done in 5 minutes. 

I started purposefully walking almost 20 years ago. I found that walking in nearby parks, trails, and shorelines where I could easily feel the beauty around me, created a delight within me that surprised me. Combining that with the physical benefits improved my outlook and increased my confidence. I began with 15 minutes of walking three times a week, and slowly increased my speed and the length of my walk.  It changed my life in a way that stays with me today.

Hiking in the woods


Decluttering can boost our mood immediately and can done in 5 minutes. Not only does it give us a sense of accomplishment, decluttering paves the way to pleasure. Clutter can cause stress as it can affect our focus, increase our anxiety, and can over stimulate us. If we have papers, bills, even old magazines laying around the house it can tell our brain that we have work to do. It can cause us to feel overwhelmed. It can even evoke feelings of guilt! (Nooooooo!  No Guilt!!)   It’s the fastest, cheapest way to affect our environment.  Create filing systems.  Pro tip: Recycling bins, and garbage are a valid part of that system.  Taking 5 minutes every couple of days to declutter, can help us to keep the clutter at bay!

Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to happen all at once

Just thinking about spring cleaning can feel overwhelming. Don’t think about the whole house.  Divide your focus into rooms or specific closets and tackle one at a time. Finishing one small area, be it a closet, a cupboard, drawer or a whole room provides a sense of accomplishment. Creating a more supportive, organized space sometimes starts with pulling everything out and creating a little chaos. Allow yourself enough time to finish that small space. Focusing on what we’ve done, not what’s left can create a sense of contentment.

Out with the old and in with the new

Many of us hold on to possessions that we cherished or needed at one point that we’ve outgrown, or no longer brings us happiness. At a basic level you can start with items that you have multiples of. Stick to one category at a time and bring everything in that category together to review. In Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” she recommends that you pick up each item and ask yourself if it sparks joy.  Only keep it if it does.

Woman donates clothing to shelter

You may have sentimental items that were important in your old relationship.  Are they still bringing you pleasure? Surround yourself with only items that make you feel wonderful. That doesn’t mean you should throw everything out!  We need clothes, dishes, etcetera to work and eat. Maybe the dishes, or some of your clothing only conjures up neutral feelings. As money and time allows, find dishes, find clothes that make you feel good and give the neutral things away. Definitely get rid of anything that gives you negative feelings or pack it away in a place that you don’t have to see it.

Fill your life with joy!  With things that make you happy.  An acquaintance of mine realized the black and red scheme in her kitchen was no longer bringing her joy.  Over time she is getting rid of all the black and replacing it with bright orange, yellow, turquoise and cobalt.  The new items she’s acquired already make her smile when she uses them.  I’m so glad she is making the change.

Final Thoughts

Spring time, spring cleaning is about change. Change is not typically easy.  Saying goodbye to possessions and moving on from old relationships can be hard.  It can also make you more contented in the long run.  Seize the spring day, let go of the past and grab all the delight you can. You deserve it.

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