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There’s Nothing Wrong with Being on Your Own

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The truth about being single is to be in a healthy and involved relationship with yourself. 

Being on your own can be intimidating and even frightening for people who have been in relationships for the most part of their lives or have been in a long-term relationship. Being single is highly stigmatized in our society since the social pressure of finding a significant other in our twenties only increases with time. It doesn’t matter if people are in an unhealthy relationship; they still hesitate to leave their partners just because they lack confidence that they are strong on their own. The societal pressure of always being in a relationship can also make many single people choose the wrong person to spend their lives with just to feel accepted.

The truth about being single is to be in a healthy and involved relationship with yourself. Being with yourself is one of the most intimate relationships you will have. Many people find being with other people much easier than being with themselves. Although humans are social creatures, they should have the capability to reflect on things on their own, make their own opinions, and explore their true selves. Nevertheless, all of this can only be accomplished through being on your own unashamedly and happily.

…although we seek validation and appreciation from others, you should understand that your realization of self-worth can only come from within. 

The problem begins when you seek out a partner just to avoid the discomfort of being on your own, believing that the companionship of another person will be your salvation. This is not true since being with the wrong partner may make you feel more misunderstood, unappreciated, and unhappy. To understand how you can begin to feel comfortable being single, we have compiled a few shifts you need to make to bring change in your mindset:

You Don’t Need to Identify with Your Relationship Status

You need to understand that your value as a person doesn’t come from being in a relationship. Your relationship is a part of your life and does not define you as a person. Some people associate themselves as only being someone’s significant other or partner and forget that they, too, have their own unique identity. You need to understand that anybody’s single status only means that they haven’t found the right person for them yet. Remember that even though your relationship status may change throughout your life, your intrinsic self-worth will never be defined by it.

Realize Your Worth

Although we seek validation and appreciation from others, you should understand that your realization of self-worth can only come from within. If you don’t believe in yourself, you will always seek your value and worth in your relationships, partner, or the ring on your finger. Many people feel as if being in a relationship will elevate their importance and standing but fail to recognize that by doing so, they have attached their self-worth to that relationship. People should understand that they were born worthy of respect and love, and no one can give or take it away from them.

You Need to Rise Above Societal Expectations and Conditioning

The collective conditioning of our society tells us that our worthiness or value comes from being in a relationship and showing how stable or happy are relationship is, although the case may be completely different in reality. Being single is seen as being miserable and shows us how deeply fearful we are of feeling lonely. Many people fail to understand that you can feel just as lonely and miserable in a relationship with the wrong person. By befriending your solitude, you can truly experience the truth of things and take charge of how you use your time and do what your heart pleases.

Stay True to Yourself

By refusing to be in a relationship that isn’t right for you isn’t self-sabotaging your future, but it is about making the right choice by respecting your standards and values. It is about making choices that are right for you and that make your heart feel calm and happy. If you want to be on your own contentedly, you will need to make choices based on what you want rather than caving into other people’s expectations. Staying true to yourself will help you become more independent, happy, and confident.

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Final Thoughts

Being on your own doesn’t come without its challenges but rise to the occasion and make the best decision for yourself. Whether you want to get out of a bad relationship or feel more confident being on your own, you must reflect on what you want from life, what values and standards you have for yourself, and how being single can allow you the freedom to truly find yourself.

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Written by Robin & Heather

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