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Support for Divorce or Household Splits!
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[Portland, Oregon]: Splitsvil.net is an interactive online divorce support ecosystem that strives to make the process of separation easier, compassionate, and supportive. Splitsvil.net hosts a variety of content, networking forums, and a gift registry that encourages uncoupled and divorced individuals to find care and compassion from friends, family, and individuals in similar situations.

With nearly a 45% divorce rate in the US in 2021 and more unregistered uncoupling and separations each year, almost 6.4 million Americans are affected by the emotional and financial trauma of starting over.

Splitsvil.net is founded by Robin Smith and Heather Egan. They each had two children to raise with limited means. Further, they found themselves with half the normal household necessities, especially tough when raising children! They both agreed that they wanted to create a support system to make this process easier for individuals and families going through a split or divorce.

Going through a split have many new needs:

  • How to support two households on the same income
  • Taking a new look at taxes
  • Childcare Support and Co-Parenting Advice
  • Dating and Emotional Rebuilding
  • Fitness and Physical Well-being
  • Mental Well-Being (Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem)
  • How to replace the day to day living items that they lost in the divorce

Splitsvil.net hopes to educate new divorcees and uncoupled individuals with content that caters to their situation and feelings of loss, heartbreak, anger, confusion, and anxiety, while also promoting positive ways to move forward and provide self-care. The company does not provide any legal advice but does strive to motivate and encourage people within a nurturing network of individuals who are facing or have faced similar circumstances. 

Splitsvil.net is the website visitors can browse to find community forums for uncoupling individuals, online divorce support, and separated support groups. The multiple forums on the website encourage open and non-judgemental discussion about splits, co-parenting, healing, splitting personal belongings, dating after a split, and many other related topics. The ‘Dear CeCe’ advice columnist section aims to provide compassionate advice to struggling and confused separated, uncoupled, or divorced individuals. Users can also find resources for self-compassion, self-care, and self-love with links to helpful books and TED talks on the page.

The articles and blogs on the site offer answer to specific questions about:

  • Communication with your family, ex-partner, and stepchildren
  • Single mom or single dad parenting
  • Bringing fresh and new changes
  • The effects of divorce on kids and pets

All in all, it is a complete guide for letting people know that they are not alone in this phase of life.

Newly separated, uncoupled, or divorced individuals not only need emotional support but financial support as well, as they may have lost a lot during the split. Splitsvil.net hopes to help people rebuild as they going through a split and their lives via a gift registry where friends and family can help replace the items they need. This gift registry hopes to alleviate some of the financial struggles new divorcees face as they juggle legal fees, household expenses, rent, and more. It also provided friends and family with a tangible way to help instead of feeling like there is nothing they can do.

As our founders speak about their personal experiences in the early stages after divorce, Smith and Egan explain, “We looked for resources to assist in our new journey. Unfortunately, the result of that search was merely very little compassionate care.” 

Smith and Egan recognized a need in the industry and the idea for Splitsvil.net emerged, but due to a lack of digital resources, it could not take shape and came to a standstill in 2005. Splitsvil.net performed a soft launch of their platform in early January 2022 to encourage people to share their struggles and find help at the Splitsvil Facebook page and website.

Thrilled about introducing Splitsvil.net to the masses, the founders shared, “Over 15-years later, we are proud to launch Splitsvil.net – an online ecosystem for consumers who are going through a divorce or uncoupling. Splitsvil.net is interactive and engages visitors so they can share information and build a support system with friends, family, and new contacts that are in a similar situation.”


Splitsvil.net is an interactive online divorce support ecosystem for divorced, uncoupled and separated individuals, providing non-legal compassionate advice and support addressing their struggles, anxieties, and emotional needs. For questions about this one-of-a-kind support platform, feel free to visit their website www.splitsvil.net or Facebook page. Subscribe on the website for real-time updates and content sent directly to your email. Dear CeCe column has a form on the page to ask your question – we encourage all of our site visitors to ask a question! And if you are newly separated and in need of “stuff” – click on the Gift Registry button on the home page and select your needs from a wide variety of retail stores. Then, invite your friends and family to help! It’s really that simple!

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